Hi, I’m Laura!

My goal is to identify user’s needs, understand why they behave the way they do, and generate actionable insights.

What I’m working on

Cyberlogical: Improving the union joining journey

Our goal was to increase union sign ups. To facilitate this, I conducted desk research on why people join unions to inform and revamp their digital recruitment strategy.

Democrats Abroad United Kingdom (watch this space)

For this pro-bono project, I’m the project manager and lead researcher for the creation of Demcrats Abroad United Kingdom’s website. Our goal is to drive membership numbers, donations, get out the vote, and be a one-stop-shop for Americans living abroad in the UK.

Study topic: Boosting holiday booking confidence with Tui

Now that lockdown measures are easing and popular holiday destinations such as Spain and Greece are opening back up, I was interested to see what would help consumers feel confident enough to book a holiday.

What I write about

Happy (very belated) International Women’s Day

Apologies for the length of time between posts! Between my new job and moving house, things have been a bit chaotic. I thought now would be a great time to share a profile I was asked to write for International Women’s Day. Please check it out on my company’s website.

My Introduction to Design Sprints

Earlier in February, I attended Getting Started with Design Sprints hosted by Design Sprints London. Being new to design and UX, I was excited to get down to business and learn a new way of tackling a problem. Alongside their presentation, we actually had the opportunity to break out into groups and work through aspects […]

Educate Yourself: Why White People Must Take Responsibility for Understanding Black History

By Laura Donohue and Sadie Kempner Growing up, Black History month was a fun month for me. In my public school back in New York, (PS 261 represent!), we would learn about African American abolitionists, freedom fighters, and artists. One particular memory that stands out is dancing to Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. It was one of […]

What I talk about