Hi, I’m Laura!

With my training in psychology and social work, I bring a fresh perspective that you need to succeed.

What I’m working on


Providing user experience research support.

Democrats Abroad: United Kingdom
Project manager & lead researcher for fledgling website.

What I write about

From tech to social justice, I draw from my diversity of experience.

My Introduction to Design Sprints

Earlier in February, I attended Getting Started with Design Sprints hosted by Design Sprints London. Being new to design and UX, I was excited to get down to business and learn a new way of tackling a problem. Alongside their presentation, we actually had the opportunity to break out into groups and work through aspects […]

Educate Yourself: Why White People Must Take Responsibility for Understanding Black History

By Laura Donohue and Sadie Kempner Growing up, Black History month was a fun month for me. In my public school back in New York, (PS 261 represent!), we would learn about African American abolitionists, freedom fighters, and artists. One particular memory that stands out is dancing to Bob Marley’s Redemption Song. It was one of […]

How to Create a Safety Plan

A safety plan is something that is written or thought of ahead of time to help you remember how to respond to certain stressful scenarios. Performing fire drills at your workplace or school is an example of a safety plan. You practice leaving your belongings behind, exit the building calmly and quietly, and convene at […]

What I talk about

Understanding the Intersectionality of Women and Disabilities
Nov. 2019

Brains and Games: How to Incorporate Mental Health and Human Experience into Your Games
Jan, 2015

Games and Brains: The Relationship Between Videogames and Mental Health Jan. 2015

What informs my practice

As a social worker, I listened, reflected, and problem solved.

As a cognition lab manager, I organised, recruited, analysed, and managed research assistants.