About Me

The beginning of my passion for people and research

2009: I took my first psychology course in high school. This is was when I was bitten by the bug of curiosity.

2010-2012: I worked in Earlham College’s Peer Lab where we studied peer relationships within the elementary school and college setting. We exmained the impact of bullying on peer relationships and daily mood, social exclusion and risk taking, and much more. In 2015, our findings from one of our studies were published.

2012, Spring: I worked in Earlham College’s Social Fringe Lab. We exaimined the interaction between certain body positions and moo & gender presentation and anxiety.

2012, Fall: I collaborated with 5th & 6th grade teachers to develop and implement a thirty minute workshop on bullying. I interviewed key members of staff including teachers, school social worker, and the principle to tailor and deliver the right kind of service.

2012-2013: For my thesis project, I extended my semester long research project into one year and studied the impact of bullying on judging ambiguous social situations. I lead every aspect of this project including desk research, creation of surveys and stimuli, recruitment (88 5th & 6th grade students and 107 college students), analysis, and publication. I presented my findings at Earlham’s Annual Research Conference and MAUPRC.

2013-2014: After graduating from Earlham with the Psychology Department Award, I continued my passion for research as a lab manager at Temple University’s Cognition and Learning Lab. Our goal was to better understand how growth and fixed mindsets influences their feelings around academic subjects. I managed two undergraduate students to ensure that our recruitment, desk research, and implimentation goals were being met. We recruited hundreds of students accross the Philadelphia and greater suburban area, analysed that date, and ultimately published our findings.

2014: After almost a year of managing the lab, I decided I wanted to combine my passion for research with delivering mental health services. I began my Master of Social Work at New York University’s Silver School of Social Work.

2014-2015: I completed an internship that turned into a full time role for University Settlement, a non-for-profit that delivers relationship based learning to low-income families in the New York City area directly in their homes.

2015-2016: I completed my second internship with Sanctuary for Families in their Economic Empowerment Program. I utilized thereputic interventions to offer counselling to program participants. I also completed a program evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the program. My findings were presented to key stakeholders including the director of the program.

The beginning of my passion for user experience research

2015, Fall: I collaborated with Catt Small to create SENSEU, a mobile sex education game. I created a quantiative/qualitative survey and interviewed users regarding their sexual education experiences. Insights from these interviews were presented to Catt and integrated into the game.

2016, Spring: I dipped my toe into New York University’s Tandon School of Engineering and took their Ideation & Prototyping class. I lead a team of three graduate students in prototyping a money saving app for millenials.

2017-2020: After completing my Master’s, I moved to London and began my social work career with The Lambeth Child Protection Service. I worked accross three services during my two and a half year tenure: Child Looked After, Social Workers in Schools, and Family Support & Child Protection. I worked in a child-focused way to ensure that they were happy, safe, and heard.

2020-Present: I left my incredibly rewarding social work career to pursue a career in user experience research. I’m currently freelancing with Cyber Logical, a digital strategy company.

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