Current Work


Jan. 2020- Present

CyberLogical is a digital strategy company that helps companies grow their online presence. I’ve been hired to help fulfil their vision by conducting desk research, creating customer journey maps, and more.

Case study: The FDA

In this project with Cyberlogical, our goal was to increase union sign ups. To facilitate this, I conducted desk research on why people join unions to inform and revamp their digital recruitment strategy. 

My role:

Starting in January 2020, I was brought on board to offer support on select projects for Cyberlogical. One such project was with a union to help revamp their digital recruitment strategy.

The opportunity: 

The clients we were working for were interested in boosting their recruitment numbers. They noticed that many unions have a strong digital presence, and wanted to step up their game.

How we did it: 

Initially, I completed desk research around what motivates workers and professionals to join unions, how do they join, and what they perceive the benefits to be. We also investigated what are the barriers to joining, as well as conducted competitor analysis to see what other unions were offering their members.

What we found: 

Why join?

Motivations to join varied depending on whether you asked the media or academics. The media touted membership benefits such as collective bargaining and advocacy. Academic research mainly reported that political attitude (leaning left) and social belonging as the main motivations for joining a union. 

Barriers to joining?

Largely, the workforce has dramatically shifted from manufacturing jobs to service. This led to a gap of union representation that has been difficult to fill. Younger workers reported to view unions as futile and had low expectations of how a union can help them.

How we implemented it: