Cyberlogical: Improving the union joining journey

Our goal

To increase union sign ups. To facilitate this, I conducted desk research on why people join unions to inform and revamp their digital recruitment strategy.

Exploratory phase

I sought out to identify the motivations and barriers for workers and professionals to join a union. Motivations ranged from concrete benefits such as collective bargaining to more psychological like social belonging. Now that we understood why people join unions, we were able to help our client enhance their digital media strategy.

I also looked at 10 unions’ joining journeys and documented their dues, member benefits, and registration process. My top three findings were:

  1. Making union benefits obvious to the user is a must. Our client was the only union to easily display common union benefits. A clear journey through a union’s benefits encourages sign ups.
  2. Two unions still used paper forms! This is a major barrier to joining as mailing a form is an extra step.
  3. The longest registration form was 44 questions while the shortest was 13. More questions means risking higher abandonment.

Usability tests

I observed 87 users with HotJar to identify pains and opportunities during sign up

48 of these sessions had notable opportunities or pains in the user’s registration journey. 9 user journeys were outliers and thus not included.


My findings were presented by the project lead and were well received. However, due to a limitation of resources, implementation of my findings have been delayed until September. I look forward to the implementation of these findings and seeing if recommendations ease and enhance the registration journey.