Good products need a good backbone. This is where conducting exploratory research comes in handy. I like to understand the background of any product, organisation, and their audience before ideating.


Testing allows me to identify any issues and missed opportunities before launch. This not only saves companies time and money, but also ensures that users are getting the best out of their products.


After collecting data, I look through my scribbles and recordings and document patterns of behaviours and attitudes. From there, I try to figure out what’s going on and why. From answering the question why, we can then jump into action!

Cyberlogical: Union Joining Journey

Created April 2020

Our goal was to increase union sign ups. To facilitate this, I conducted desk research on why people join unions to inform and revamp their digital recruitment strategy.


Credit to Catt Small at cattsmall.com. Created 2015.

SenseU is a decision based game that provides sex education to high school and university aged students. To understand our audience, I surveyed people who provided sex education and researched existing sex education programs and attitudes towards sex education.