My work history is rich in diversity

I have successfully integrated my interpersonal, ideation, and clinical skills into helping project leads and engineers create the best product they can.


Credit to Catt Small at cattsmall.com.


I was a user researcher for the very talented Catt Small. SenseU is a decision based game that provides sex education to college age and high school students.  I designed mixed methods surveys, coded and analyzed responses, provided research concerning pre-existing sex education programs and attitudes towards sex education, and playtested the game. Feel free to check out the game here!

Rain Drop Games

Volunteer Consultant

I provide research support and social work expertise to aid developers in the development of a game regarding a survivor of sexual assault.

  • Met with lead developer to discuss game content
  • Provided trauma informed expertise in order to ensure best practices, accuracy in depiction of gaming elements and trauma, and ethical guidelines for connecting with audiences