I love sharing my passion with others and find public speaking invigorating and enriching.

Understanding the Intersectionality of Women and Disabilities
Nov. 2019

I led a bi-monthly meeting for Democrats Abroad United Kingdom’s Women’s Caucus. This consisted of running a workshop simulating sensory overload, giving a talk on how the socio-economic impact of disabilities disproportionately effect women, and moderating a “between two virtual ferns” interview with a woman of colour who lives with a disability.

Slides from my talk.

Games and Brains: The Relationship Between Videogames and Mental Health

2015, Nov.

I was the keynote speaker for Brooklyn Gamery’s Brain Jam, a game jam with a focus on mental health. I also contributed to Thanks for Being a Friend. Our goal was to show players how social media can be used to support your friends whether it be through direct statements or support or finding things to laugh about.

Slides from my talk.

Games from the jam.

Brains and Games: How to Incorporate Mental Health and Human Experience into Your Games

2015, Jan.

Joined by Catt Small, we gave a talk at Magfest regarding the impact of playing video games on one’s mental health and designing meaningful games.

Slides from our talk.